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Hi, I am Ching Chiao (喬敬). This is my 2nd blog. This blog got its name because of it.

I am a Taiwanese but my family was from ShanXi (山西) China. The name "Chiao 喬" means "bridge" in Mandarin. In Taiwanese it sometimes means "negotiation".

I was told that we are related to the "Grand Courtyard of the Chiao" (喬家大院) and then I realized my family did own and operate a tea company and a small bank in SiChuan (四川) in late 19th century.

As to my self I am in Internet industry for nearly 10 years. I am the Vice President, Community Relations of DotAsia Organisation Ltd., overseeing the liaison with governments, ccTLD registries, registrars, and relevant Internet organizations in Asia and in the world.

In the past I held various positions in:
--Cibernet Corporation (Mobile Int'l Roaming / Business Developement)
--Taiwan Network Information Center (.tw ccTLD Registry / Regulatory & Public Relations) (Domain Name Registrar / Sales&Marketing)

I am also involved in the following organizations:
--APNG (I am on its Steering Committee)
--APTLD Association (I was the Secretariat for 4 years)
--ICANN (ccNSO and gNSO)
--Global IPv6 Forum

I am on the Board of ADCT (Association of Digital Culture in Taiwan), also serve as the Supervisor to the Board of TWIA (Taiwan Internet Association). In 2005 I started the annual Taiwan Blogger BoF. It grows from a 3-hr meet-up to a major Internet user-driven event in Taiwan.

I got my MBA from State University of New York at Binghamton. My wife and I have two kids, and they make me look like the youngest brother in the house.

(Last update: Dec. 2008)


taking photos, i have a collection of +3000 cds and am a huge fan of progressive rock bands like yes, genesis in the 70's. i enjoy traveling, and learning jazz / rock drums. i play basketball and go to golf driving range.