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September 23, 2004


Khoo Siew Bee

Dear Ching Chiao,

Many thanks for including me in your circulation and please keep your blog coming. Apart from enjoying some articles, I learnt from your blogs as well as catching up on news on your family from time to time.

I recently attended an Asian family conference orgnanised by Campden Publishing. Various families from Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Italy, India etc. attended to learn/exchange views on energising their businesses, resolving conflicts and developing future managers, owners and leaders for their families i.e. succession. It is interesting to note that most of the different issues the families have are often a result of a conflict of interest between what an individual wishes for a career or as a parent versus and what he needs to do as the head of a business. The business with a head who could segregate these roles, establish a fair process and nurture future leaders will have a better chance of continuity. Some of the families who attended the conference have owned their businesses since the 1800's and some over the last 65 years or so. I guess the overriding wish/commitment of keeping the families together must have given the family businesses a strength over the average corporately managed companies in longevity.

Best regards,
Siew Bee

(Editor's Note: Ms. Khoo is one of the most experienced and successful investment bankers in AP region, and the mentor of Angelia and myself)



I really enjoyed being in the stadium with that ENUM meeting... Hope to see you soon perhaps in Perth or Capetown :-)

Yen, thanks for your kind comment and look forward to seeing you very soon.

Keith Davidson

Hi Ching from New Zealand,

Great blog - well done. Great to see the prominent photo is Wellington stadium. Just watched the rugby there tonight - Wellington beat Taranaki 73 - 28 in NPC. Stadium looks very different when its empty.

Keith Davidson

(Editor's Note: Mr. Davidson is the President of InternetNZ)

Jonathan Yen

Hi, Ching,

This is your ex-classmate, Yen.
Really impressive from your web, a lot of interesting materials within...
Just wanna drop you a message, and say hello to you.

See you very soon.


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