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April 20, 2005



There was a short TV documentary program in Hong Kong today which takes a more objective view on this issue so I recommend you all take a look at it. Just click on and then select the video format to see the program. It's in Cantonese but has Chinese subtitle so I think Chinese can understand most of the content and Japanese may be able to guess 50% of the content. Anyway, the key message of this program is it's worrisome to see the Right Wing in Japan gain more and more influence in Japanese Government and we all should try our very best to avoid going to war again. And, in order to let the young generation understand more about the horrible war history, some scholars from China/Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are working together to write a history book with true stories and objective views. I think this will be very useful and I hope that more people can get a copy soon.

Joi Ito

I don't think the war criminals were victims... but I think the young men who were sent to senseless deaths as kamikaze were victims of military stupidity. Here is an example of a letter of a soldier who was selected as a kamikaze:

I am pleased to have the honour of having been chosen as a member of a Special Attack Force that is on its way into battle, but I cannot help crying when I think of you, Mum. When I reflect on the hopes you had for my future ... I feel so sad that I am going to die without doing anything to bring you joy.

Having said that, there were surely more Chinese victims of the Japanese military than kamikaze...

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